Runscope Integration

Using Runscope, teams can proactively monitor trends around API test results and service performance to quickly catch and debug API problems fast. Runscope allows you to stay ahead of intermittent failures before they become major issues with the API Dashboard and daily API Performance Report.

With the xMatters integration, notifications about test results can be sent to groups or individuals. Team members can respond with “Rerun”, which will trigger another test run in Runscope and ends the event within xMatters. xMatters can also create FYI events to notify groups or individuals when Runscope detects a Live Traffic Alert. The notification includes a link the recipient can click to view the details and acknowledge the notification.


Key Benefits

  • Quickly identifies and notifies the on-call resource on a variety of devices
  • Allows for voice, SMS, and push messages to users
  • Allows users to reply with "Rerun" from their device to run the test again