Fusion Risk Management Integration

Fusion Risk Management is a leading provider of cloud-based business continuity and risk management solutions. The Fusion Connector bi-directionally synchronizes selected user and group data, Communication Plans, and other key data between xMatters and the Fusion Framework System.  Key Contact data in the Fusion Framework is organized to be used most effectively in support of all business continuity activities. By synchronizing Key Contacts, Teams, and Rosters, you will deliver the right message to the right person at the right time with less effort.  You can also map your xMatters Communication Plans into Fusion Framework and use them to send notification broadcasts as part of your incident management flow.

The Fusion Connector uses the xMatters REST API to automatically synchronize User, Device, and Group data between xMatters and the Fusion Framework.   The synchronization can be configured by your administrator to map fields (including custom fields) between systems to meet your needs. With Fusion managing consistency across the two systems, contact and group data is always current and ready for action.  Notifications are sent quickly and accurately from the interface familiar to Fusion users with no extra training while still getting access to the full power of xMatters.

Key Features

  • Bi-directional Data Integration — Accurate data for precise crisis and mass communication management, leading to better outcomes
  • Communication Plan Mapping — Map your xMatters Communication Plans into Fusion Framework and send notifications
  • Full Notification Capabilities — Orchestrate responses with other work streams, set target devices, and configure responses
  • Criteria Based Synchronization — Include or exclude contacts or groups during synchronization to ensure your emergency communications are accurate


  • Reduced manual administration – manage teams and users in one system
  • Accurate and fast communications for Fusion users — leverage your Business Continuity plans to improve outcomes
  • Reduced training — send messages and monitor responses from either system
  • Improved command and control over Fusion incidents – link notifications and responses to your incident records in Fusion Framework for better understanding during an incident and for use in after-action analysis
  • Record Stride activity back into a service management ticket (JIRA, ServiceNow, Cherwell etc.)