CA Agile Central Integration

CA Agile Central (CAAC) delivers an enterprise SaaS platform for agile software development. Combined with xMatters, this integration allows teams to automatically communicate with the correct on-call resources to resolve issues faster. xMatters leverages your group on-call schedules and rotations, escalation rules, and user device preferences to quickly engage the right resources with customizable response and collaboration options.

Automate handoffs across your toolchain

Integrating xMatters across your tools allows you to automatically transfer key data into CAAC and throughout your systems to drive workflows forward. Take action in CAAC or other tools directly from an xMatters alert, no matter which tool the alert originates from. Customize response options so responders can take multiple actions including creating a CAAC ticket, assigning the ticket to themselves, or requesting additional help by kicking off a targeted chat room or conference call with the appropriate resources. Collaboration invites also reference the CAAC ticket with key data from your other tools, so your resolution teams can quickly get up to speed and take action. Once the incident has been completed, xMatters allows responders to automatically log chat activity to the CAAC ticket and set it to a resolved state. xMatters eliminates the need for manually moving data between systems, allowing your team to get back to resolving incidents instead of keeping stakeholders aligned.

  • Create a CAAC ticket with data insights from other tools
  • Automatically assign a CAAC ticket to the responder
  • Invite people across multiple teams to a conference call
  • Initiate a targeted chat room via HipChat, Slack, or Hubot with context from CAAC
  • Record chat room activity back to the CAAC ticket