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    Invite up to 10 users to receive targeted alert messages via email and mobile app notifications.
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    Manage your teams on-call schedules, rotations, & escalations so you never miss an alert
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Build a New Relic Integration in xMatters

Integrate Your Existing Tools

Quickly connect your Monitoring, ChatOps, and Service Desk solutions with out-of-the-box integrations to Splunk, New Relic, Jira, Slack, and many more.
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Connect xMatters Free with tools like Splunk, New Relic and Dynatrace to relay critical insights to the correct people and systems to help coordinate and resolve incidents faster.

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Service Desk

Manage incidents in your service desk solutions like Jira and ServiceNow directly from xMatters alerts.

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Install powerful xMatters chatbots for tools like Slack to quickly find groups, check who is on call, and invite additional resources to a targeted Slack room

Event Suppression

Avoid burying resolvers with event floods by preventing repetitive messages from an integration

  • Thresholds
    Set a ceiling for the number of notifications you’d like to receive from an integration within a period of time
  • Flood Control
    Suppress additional notifications after responding to an alert to stay focused on fixing the issue
xMatters flood control feature suppresses alerts based on frequency and device

On-Call Scheduling

Accelerate Response Times and Manage Support Coverage

  • Coverage Calendar
    See who’s on-call & identify coverage gaps
  • Escalations
    Manage escalation paths, delays, and burden so issues don't slip through the cracks
  • Shifts and Rotations
    Automate on-call rotations to spread workloads within shifts
  • Temporary Absences
    Keep shifts covered while someone’s away
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Aggregate data from multiple tools to form a complete perspective around complex business processes

  • Context-driven
    Pull in relevant data from any number of systems when multiple teams use different tools with unique insights
  • Automated Triggers
    Kick off notifications based on predefined severity thresholds so that you're alerting only when something's wrong
  • Intelligent Targeting
    Connect with the right team members based on skill sets, role, location, and on-call schedules
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Mobile notification with rich Jira ticket information

Build dynamic toolchains to support any resolution process

Find hundreds of integrations with popular IT and developer tools

Extend connectivity and visibility across your tech stack

Limitless Possibilities with over 200 integrations

xMatters allows us to effectively communicate outages and high profile events to our internal teams, business partners and senior leadership.
Matt Kelley
Sr. Manager Network Operations
In our transition to a DevOps organization, xMatters has been integral in ensuring our developers and operations teams can address complex incident management scenarios in a more consistent, scalable and efficient manner, enabling us to provide a better overall customer experience.

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