Centralized visibility in a decentralized world. Optimize resolution processes and meet SLA's.


Gain real-time visibility into the progression of an event and valuable information for post-mortem analysis to improve resolution processes.

  • Notification Deliveries
    Understand the team engagement path by pinpointing when and how recipients were notified, and whether notifications were successfully delivered
  • Response Information
    Gauge how team members impacted issue resolution by monitoring recipient response details
  • Contextual Insights
    Review information around troubleshooting details and resolution steps to paint a complete picture around an issue

Team Health

Gain a book of business perspective on team performance and drill into user performance to assess contribution and improvement areas. Gain awareness when team members are not responding, taking too long to respond, or not adding value by always responding with an escalation.
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Response Engagement

Understand if team members are responding or ignoring issues by assessing the percentage of notifications they responded to.

Time to Respond icon
Time to Respond

Improve MTTR by measuring the maximum and average time it took a user or group to respond to an event

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Response Value

Assess the quality of a user's response by assigning scores to response types based on how they impact the resolution process

Real-Time Engagement

Monitor event delivery and response flows to ensure that critical issues are being addressed.

  • User Delivery
    Whether you're requesting help from an IT or DevOps team, gain a sense of whether enough people are engaged by assessing targeted users, deliveries, and responses.
  • Response Counts
    When you need a certain number of specialized resources such as infrastructure engineers, keep reaching out to team members until you get the required number of people engaged.
  • Team-member perspective
    Gain awareness on teams' thoughts around an issue and resolution progress by viewing real-time comments
Incident response report

Operational Dashboards

An integrated approach to reporting unifies insights across your business and places xMatters data in reporting tools you already use.
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Communications Center

Establish a unified view across your infrastructure, service desk, application performance, and more for situational awareness

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Integrations to Reports in Other Tools

Measure and make decisions from your xMatters data directly within the service desk and issue tracking reports you already use

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Conference Call Assessment

Bring structure to conference calls by managing timeliness and attendance of your team members

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