On-Call Scheduling

Protect your company's support coverage while protecting your workers' support burden.

Coverage Calendar

Ensure team members have your company's back when problems arise. Identify on-call gaps, assignments, and escalations all in one place.

  • Intuitive Interface
    Easily move a shift to a new date or adjust its duration just like the calendaring tools you're used to
  • Adapt to Changing Needs
    Add or remove shift members or adjust escalation times directly from the calendar
  • Ensure Coverage
    Visually spot empty shifts and coverage gaps to ensure that shifts cover all available times (and if you find a gap, easily turn it into a new shift)
xMatters on-call calendar view


Ensure that no issue slips through the cracks while managing the load on your personnel
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Notification Management

Place waiting times for resources to respond before contacting the next person

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Spread the escalation load among your team members by automatically rotating their place in an escalation path

Temporary Absences

Manage exceptions for vacations, holidays, and sick days to keep shifts covered when people are away.

  • Vacation
    Configure temporary replacements in advance of vacations so teammates replacing you only receive your notifications for those specific dates
  • Group and Access Flexibility
    Assign replacements for only specific groups when you need to stay connected. Empower team members and managers to self-select replacements.
Show temporary on-call replacement during vacation

Shifts and Rotations

Manage support teams at enterprise-scale. Ensure 24 x 7 coverage while also splitting the workload between team members to minimize strain.
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Automatic Workload Distribution

Rotate a team member's position within a shift after an event, a calendar interval, or a specific number of shifts so that no one's always stuck as the primary responder.

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Placement Protection

Allow a subject matter expert to always be contacted first, or a supervisor to always be contacted last.

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