On-Call Management

On-Call Management That’s Simple, Automated, & Self-Maintaining

Say Goodbye To On-Call Headaches

Organizations often deploy software multiple times a day, putting a strain on development and IT to balance moving fast and staying compliant. In other words, everyone is on call. xMatters gives you the tools you need to maintain your company’s on-call coverage while managing your team members’ support burden.

  • Team Accountability
    Ensure the right resource responds to every issue
  • Easy Rotations
    Automatically distribute the on-call workload
  • Cross-Team Visibility
    Effortlessly manage support coverage across multiple teams

Coverage & Scheduling Calendar

When problems arise, ensure your team members are ready to respond. Quickly identify on-call gaps, assignments, and escalations all in one place.

  • Intuitive Interface
    Easily move a shift to a new date or adjust its duration—just like in your favorite calendaring tools
  • Adapt to Changing Needs
    Add or remove shift members or adjust escalation times directly from the calendar
  • Guarantee Coverage
    Visually spot empty shifts and coverage gaps to ensure that shifts cover all available times (and if you find a gap, it’s a snap to turn it into a new shift)


If primary responders aren’t available to handle a situation, you need a backup plan—preferably one that’s predefined and automated. Ensure that no issue slips through the cracks while managing the workload of your personnel.
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Rotate a team member's position within a shift after an event, a calendar interval, or a specific number of shifts so that no one's always stuck as the primary responder

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Placement Protection

Hold a member’s position in a rotation to ensure that a subject matter expert is always contacted first—or that the supervisor will always have the final say

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Resource Management

Guarantee that someone will always be on the job, aggressively targeting secondary responders for major incidents while allowing for longer grace periods during lower priority issues

User Self-Service

It would really suck if you needed an admin to set up every employee’s out-of-office email message, right? It also doesn’t make sense to put that type of busywork burden on anyone managing on-call schedules. xMatters helps you scale by providing self-service options for logistical functions required by your team.

  • Temporary Absences
    Empower team members and managers to self-select replacements for vacations, sick days, and holidays. They even have the option of choosing replacements only for specific groups where it’s critical to have a backup.
  • My Schedule
    Enable team members to self-serve information about whether they’re on-call, how long they’re on-call for, and when they’re on call next
Show temporary on-call replacement during vacation

Data Synchronization

When you need to track down on-call team members, it’s critical that you have their most up-to-date information so you don’t hit dead ends. xMatters pulls real-time data across your management systems so you can connect with people who can help.

  • System Integrations
    Extract the most current information from directory servers like Active Directory, service desk systems like ServiceNow, or HR tools like Workday
  • Group Permissions
    Restrict contact data visibility to the people who need it like managers and supervisors so you don’t have to worry about security or privacy issues
  • Dynamic Groups
    Automatically assign people to shifts based on criteria you care about such as skills, language or geography by continuously aligning with real-time data. For example, create an on-call group of back-end developers based in North America that know Python.
xMatters synchronizes groups, users, and roles with our ServiceNow instance to simplify the creation of critical rotations and device preferences that become make or break for contacting the right people when a critical incident occurs

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