Smart Notifications

Our Notifications Have PhDs In Situational Awareness

Stop Paging and Start Acting

xMatters distills alert information from your monitoring and issue tracking tools into meaningful, actionable notifications. Engage the required people, gain situational perspective, and trigger resolution steps directly from notifications.

  • Speed Up Response Times
    Resolve issues proactively and collaboratively
  • Get Up to Speed Quickly
    Understand the full context and root cause quickly
  • Take Action From Anywhere
    Initiate and advance workflows directly from alerts

Situational Context

When your monitoring tools are screaming at you, it’s hard to make sense of it all. xMatters enriches its smart notifications with aggregated data from diverse tools to provide resolvers with the information they need to tackle complex issues fast.

  • Data Enrichment
    Pull in relevant data from different tools with unique insights to form a 360-degree view
  • Automated Triggers
    Kick off notifications based on predefined severity thresholds so that you're only notifying when something's actually wrong
  • Intelligent Targeting
    Connect with the right team members for any situation based on skill sets, roles, locations, and on-call schedules

Resolution Actions

Smart notifications go way beyond “accept” and “reject”. Your team members can click responses with customized actions designed to eliminate manual work and advance workflow.

  • Tool Alignment
    Automatically update issues or tickets with context and status from smart notification responses
  • Workflow Automation
    Advance or kick off processes directly from your notifications, whether you need to engage subject matter experts or create a service desk ticket
  • Instant Collaboration
    Swarm any problem by automatically creating a targeted chatroom populated with issue details

Stakeholder Alignment

As critical issues are being resolved, a variety of people inside and outside your organization need to be reassured you're getting the job done. Automatically update customers and executives so you can focus on the task at hand.
Communication Designer

Tailor notifications so that resolvers receive technical details while business stakeholders get status and impact updates

Executive FYI icon
Executive Briefing

Some execs want the nitty gritty details and others just want the highlights—satisfy both needs with customized messaging sent automatically from initiation until resolution


Empower team members to opt in to the incident notifications they care about using a self-service interface

Major Incident Coordination

When your organization is dealing with a serious outage, manual processes kill resolution momentum and are prone to errors. xMatters gives you powerful automation tools focused on speed and accuracy, minimizing your downtime.

  • Response Counts
    Rally specific numbers of specialized resources like infrastructure engineers until you engage the required number
  • Scenarios
    Drive response consistency with predefined communication values, while also allowing for situational flexibility
  • Customer-Facing Visibility
    Integrate with tools like StatusPage so customers can use a known portal to get updates on impacting issues

Conference Call Engagement

When you're dealing with a tough problem, having a live conversation is often the fastest way to accelerate resolution workflow. xMatters makes it quick and simple to get people collaborating on a conference bridge.
One Touch icon
One-Touch Access

Promote fast engagement with friction-free bridging—no long phone numbers, pass codes, or host keys

Call Control icon
Call Control

Remove or mute callers, and review a historical call report to assess team participation and performance

Collaborative icon
Team Engagement

Accelerate resolution by targeting specific resources on their preferred devices

Our ability to escalate alerts and pull teams together quickly via xMatters means our system uptime remains consistently high.

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