With structure and automation, collaboration in xMatters drives action and resolution.

Enriched Notifications

Aggregate data from multiple tools to form a complete perspective around complex business processes.

  • Context-driven
    Pull in relevant data from any number of systems when multiple teams use different tools with unique insights
  • Automated Triggers
    Kick off notifications based on predefined severity thresholds so that you're alerting only when something's wrong
  • Intelligent Targeting
    Connect with the right team members based on skill sets, role, location, and on-call schedules
Mobile notification with rich Jira ticket information


Rally team members in a conference bridge when you need to connect immediately on important issues
One Touch icon
One-Touch Access

Accelerate engagement by letting people join a bridge with one click - no long phone numbers, pass codes, or host keys

Call Control icon
Call Control

Improve your current and future conference call experiences by monitoring activity, muting or removing callers, and viewing historical activity

Collaborative icon
Team engagement

Target the appropriate groups and users on their preferred devices so you can get to work right away

Alert Suppression

Avoid burying resolvers with notification floods by preventing repetitive messages from an integration.

  • Thresholds
    Set a ceiling for the number of notifications you’d like to receive from an integration within a period of time
  • Flood Control
    Suppress additional notifications after responding to an alert to stay focused on fixing the issue
xMatters flood control feature suppresses alerts based on frequency and device


Empower key stakeholders such as executives to opt in to notifications they care about. Send notifications in business language to everyone that needs to know, allowing resolvers to focus on tackling issues vs. sending updates.
User Control icon
User Control

Minimize the management burden by letting users opt in or out of subscriptions using the self-service interface

Notification Delays icon
Notification Delays

Set delays to avoid getting notified about incidents that are quickly resolved

Executive FYI icon
Executive FYIs

Automatically align executives by sending messages in business-friendly language while your resolvers focus on fixing

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