Make the most of every moment when you need to fix stuff.

Mobile App

Empower teams to take action and stay aligned on resolution processes from anywhere.

  • Comprehensive Device Support
    Send and receive xMatters messages from Android, iOS and WatchOS devices
  • Feature-rich experience
    Harness the power of xMatters to send notifications, respond with action, view reports, or see when you're on-call
Manage incident resolution process on xMatters mobile app Mobile notification with rich Jira ticket information

Personal Schedule

Stay in control of your time, with a clear view of your on-call status and schedule.

  • On-Call Status
    Plan your time by checking whether you're on call, your next shift, and which groups you’re on-call for
  • Primary Resource Visibility
    Know when you're the first line of defense by accessing shifts for which you're the initial contact point
xMatters Mobile App

Actionable Responses

Do more than accepting or rejecting notifications. Advance resolution processes with custom actions.

  • Managed Process Creation
    Turn monitoring alerts into a service desk ticket or a tracked issue to drive problems to resolution
  • Tool Alignment
    Keep issues or tickets updated by responding to notifications directly from the mobile app
  • Collaborate
    Swarm on any problem by automatically creating a targeted chatroom with context around the issue
xMatters Dynatrace alert with ability to create Jira ticket, Slack chat, P1 conference bridge

Robust Voice & Text Collaboration

Whether you're a texter or a talker, xMatters helps you engage with team members directly.
Collaborative icon
One-Touch Conferencing

Rally appropriate team members when you need information and action fast

Avoid Limits
Contextual Text Messages

Align team members with full context around an issue without running into the 140 character limits set by SMS providers

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