Partnerships matter

We’re in good company – some of the biggest corporations in the world have chosen to partner with us. Care to join the party?

  • BMC Software
  • CA Technologies
  • HP
  • NewRelic
  • Strategic BCP
  • ServiceNow

At xMatters, we forge partnerships and alliances with leading firms in many areas – including IT service management, business continuity, telecommunications, product innovation, and research and development – to strategically tackle the pesky problem of delivering what people need, when they need it.

We won’t settle for simply tacking on features or functionality to our partners’ current business offerings – we’re on a mission to hatch brand new combinations that send relevant information wherever it needs to go. Our relevance engines play well with just about any product, service, application, or technology – which makes working with us a no-brainer.

xMatters relevance engines are closing in on making life easier for everyone across entire industries. Irritating people with notifications that don’t matter to them will become a thing of the past – dishing out what is uniquely relevant to each individual will become the new standard. Instead of old-school, one-sided relationships, companies can embrace interactive communication and real human connections.

Because people are what matter, right?