IT Operations Toolkit

We’ve included a video that shows how the xMatters integration platform helps our customers resolve incidents through the tools you already use. Taken together, the toolkit provides additional information into IT ops processes and strategies:

  • Free Account: Use xMatters for free
  • White Paper: 5 Steps to Build a Process-Centric IT Organization
  • Case Study: Service Through Communication – Tesco Case Study
  • Video: Credigy Improves After Hours Support and Accountability with xMatters
  • Video: xMatters-Stackdriver Integration: Resolve Incidents Before they Happen
  • White Paper: Beyond IT Alerting: Why You Need to Change How You Evaluate Solutions
  • White Paper: Stop Alert Floods and Get Work Done – A Self-Service Approach to Event Suppression

Combine a process-first approach with the leading integration platform.

Grab the IT Ops Toolkit and see how organizations are applying automation where they can and curating appropriate action where appropriate. We turned to our CTO and his team to understand how to do this effectively, based on our experience and our customers. Read 5 Steps to Build a Process-Centric IT Organization and learn how you can apply a similar process-centric approach that works for you. Combine this information with our customers’ stories and some additional information, and the IT Operations Toolkit can help you improve how you do business.

Cover of IT Operations Toolkit