How xMatters Compares Against the Competition

A GigaOm Benchmark Report

Today’s DevOps, SREs, and operations leaders need effective software to automate workflows, ensure infrastructure and applications are always working, and rapidly deliver products at scale. But which solution provides the best value? GigaOm recently conducted a field test comparing xMatters offering with PagerDuty Rundeck and found that xMatters offers the same functionality at nearly half the cost.

Read this GigaOm Benchmark Report now to see why xMatters is the clear winner. Plus, gain insight into features that allow you to:

  • Rapidly assess and act quickly on service disruptions before they impact customer experience
  • Use flexible and intuitive on-call scheduling to target the right personnel at the right time
  • Analyze problems and processes with 360-degree post-mortems and continuously improve processes and services

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