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Connecting people across tools and processes is vital for collaboration in any business, but it shouldn’t drain your time and resources. ChatOps is a collaboration model that encourages automating operations tasks with a chatbot in a platform.

ChatOps has become an integral part of software development and IT operations as teams rely on automated notifications to take the place of manual alerts. In the past, if there was an outage notification, someone would need to manually find and see that notification. Then, they would have to find a way to contact the appropriate team members to notify them one-by-one, so they could start working on a resolution. In this complex network of communications, it was easy to lose information, duplicate work, or simply waste time coordinating the team.

Every organization’s needs are different, and there’s not a single, perfect ChatOps tool that will work for everyone. Let’s explore some aspects you should consider as you look for the right ChatOps tool.