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xMatters’ Communication Center Provides Real-Time, Centralized Situational Awareness

New incident management capabilities enable visibility, control and action before, during and after events

San Ramon, CA – July 31, 2014 – xMatters, inc., a leader in communication-enabled business processes, announces the release of its new Communication Center, a set of powerful capabilities for improving management of critical incidents. Incident owners can now pull in disparate information sources, maintain a consistent enterprise-wide view of incidents as they unfold, provide a central hub for informed actions, and create a digital record of activity for reports and auditing.

“Visiting leading companies, I was surprised to see the best tools available for managing non-routine incidents are things like whiteboards, sticky notes and spreadsheets,” explained Doug Peete, VP of Products, xMatters. “There’s an irony that when events become non-standard and more critical, records of activities are as fragile as someone not noticing the ‘Do not Erase’ sign on a whiteboard. And once an incident is over, there’s no auditable record of how activities progressed during an incident. We saw an opportunity to improve the experience and results for incident managers, and we are thrilled to deliver these capabilities to market.”

Whether it’s IT operations, business operations or business continuity, companies today face similar challenges in a more complex, distributed world. The average enterprise supports upwards of 500 IT applications, multiple data centers, and more employees working remotely and communicating via a variety of devices. The Communication Center provides visibility across any incident and helps keep teams on the same page regardless of whether they are in the ‘War Room’ or in the field.

“Incidents require fast and coordinated responses. But as our teams and stakeholders become increasingly mobile and distributed, processing and reacting to information as a team becomes increasingly difficult,” said Abbas Haider Ali, CTO, xMatters. “The Communication Center provides the visibility and shared views that enable your team and stakeholders to quickly communicate and act as a single unit.”

During an incident, vital information needs to come in from and go out to internal and external sources. The Communication Center centralizes information from enterprise systems like IT monitoring and HR, external feeds like news, weather and security alerts, and crowd-sourced data like field reports or photos.

The causes of business disruptions can originate from any number of sources- extreme weather, political instability, IT outages, security threats, etc. Each type of incident calls for a different set of information and series of actions. With drag-and-drop widgets, managers have the agility to create and share customized dashboards for any type of incident- even as they are occurring. By enabling incident managers to share these customized screens throughout an organization, stakeholders can see key data feeds and take action from the same screen. The xMatters’ Communication Center assures that all parties are operating from a single playbook even as conditions change in real time.

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xMatters’ cloud-based communication solutions enable any business process or application to trigger two-way communications (text, voice, email, SMS, etc.) throughout the extended enterprise during time-sensitive events. With over a decade of experience in rapid communication, xMatters serves more than 1,000 leading global firms to ensure business operations run smoothly and effectively during incidents such as IT failures, product recalls, natural disasters, dynamic staffing, service outages, medical emergencies and supply-chain disruption. xMatters is headquartered in San Ramon, CA with additional offices in London and Sydney. Follow us on Twitter @xMatters.


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