Modernizing Operations Through DevOps Communications

Enable your toolchains to modernize operations. Deliver services with more agility and velocity

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Increase Agility Throughout with Enabled Toolchains

Connect your existing build, deployment, management, monitoring, and collaboration platforms. From Puppet to Chef, HipChat to Slack, ServiceNow to JIRA, Splunk to New Relic and beyond, hand off data between systems to engage the right people.

White paper: 3 Use Cases for Connected Systems

Receive Relevant and Actionable Data from Your Monitoring Solutions

Your communication platform is only as good as the relevance of the information you send. Ensure your alerts get to the right people every time with actionable responses. Create escalation rules that ensure everyone follows the process and nothing is left to chance when important data needs immediate action.

Infographic: Why You Need a DevOps Toolchain

Integrate DevOps Alerting with Modern and Legacy Systems

Connect modern and legacy systems with business processes to alter the way development and operations teams work together in a DevOps environment. Enable standard IT service management processes to be managed in conjunction with automated DevOps processes.

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Keep Your Business in the Loop

Engaging teams is only part of your communication needs. Keep everyone informed through a single notification platform. SendĀ alerts in business language to key stakeholders, allowing your DevOps teams to focus on technology rather than sending updates.

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Support Continuous Delivery Processes

As events unfold in a deployment or during a service outage, the hand-off from tool to tool and communication processes needs to be well defined. Create toolchains to maintain agility and drive critical processes forward. Your release pipeline is automated, your communications need to be as well.

White Paper: Standard + Case Management