Major Incident Management Toolkit

Minimize the blast radius when major incidents happen.

Major Incident Management Toolkit

One of our large enterprise customers had to virtually stop business every time a major incident occurred. And because they were firefighting so much, they had a difficult time devoting attention to innovating and delivering new features to their customers. With xMatters, this large communications firm reduced the number of major incidents, the cost per incident, the number of staff needed to resolve an incident, reduced time to resolve incidents by 91%, and gave on-call engineers their lives back. An independent third-party analyst reports the customer achieved 261% ROI over three years.

Review the Total Economic Impact report, and learn more about the xMatters incident management platform in our toolkit:

  • Free Account: Use xMatters for free—forever!
  • White Paper: Effects of Automation and Integrations on Major Incident Management
  • Video: Why Accenture Recommends xMatters for Incident Management
  • Case Study: xMatters Modernizes Major Incident and IT Collaboration for Britain’s Telecommunications Leader O2
  • Video: ITSM Toolchain Demo: ServiceNow, Slack, Statuspage, and xMatters
  • White Paper: 5 Best Practices to Automate Major Incident Management
  • Analyst Report: Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

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