Zoolander Photo Contest

Product Releases
Dan Goldberg ON Feb 17, 2016


Your Face for $500!

Are you really, really ridiculously good-looking? Do you think you’re on the brink of being insta-famous with those perfectly pouted lips of yours? Do you love Zoolander? Do you also like 500 bucks? If you’re nodding and pouting, this contest is for you!

We’ve even named our quarterly release Blue Steel. In honor of this release, we are hosting a Blue Steel competition!

It’s really simple. Just take a selfie with the Blue Steel pose and send it over to us via Facebook, Tweet us with hashtag #xMBlueSteel, or email us at bluesteel@xmatters.com for your chance to win $500!

Yes – you read that right. Five hundred bucks just to take a picture of your ridiculously chiseled, beautiful face (which you already do for free). It doesn’t get much better than that.

Go on. Raise those eyebrows. Pout those lips. It’s Blue Steel time.