Join Us in Atlassian’s Booth at AWS

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Dan Goldberg ON Nov 22, 2016

DevOps success is foundationally predicated on data moving from system to system to drive easier collaboration and faster delivery of services. Before companies can realize the benefits of their collaborative efforts, they must choose the platforms, tools and processes to overcome legacy tools and cultural resistance. That’s where we’ve seen the biggest impact from AWS—it’s the ultimate platform to drive the systematic and cultural change organizations need to embrace DevOps.

Join Us in Atlassian's Booth at AWS

xMatters integrations with Atlassian and Splunk

AWS comes with built-in tools and integrations, making it an ideal solution for launching a DevOps program so you can focus on integrating with crucial systems for monitoring, automated testing, chat, and incident management.

Without having to customize a web services platform, our customers can take alerts from Splunk, send actionable notifications in xMatters, discuss in HipChat, and manage incidents to completion through tools like JIRA and Confluence.

Chris Crocco, network solutions engineer at satellite communications producer ViaSat, told us recently that they have reduced response times to incidents from 10 minutes to just 30 seconds. Watch the full webinar from the xMatters website.

Optimizing Internal Communications with DevOps

On-Demand Webinar: Optimizing Internal Communications with DevOps

That’s why we’re so excited to be paired with valuable partners like Splunk in Atlassian’s booth 2446 at AWS re:Invent. When you come to Atlassian’s booth, you’ll see firsthand not just how xMatters works, but also how xMatters integrates with solutions across the DevOps toolset.

The power of integrations
Enterprises need to use a complex combination of open source, packaged and legacy tools to build, deploy and manage new and existing services. As events unfold in a deployment or during a service outage, the hand-off from tool to tool and corresponding communication process are not always well defined. You need fully enabled toolchains to maintain agility and drive critical processes forward.

Learn more about how xMatters supports DevOps in our datasheet.

By working with our customers’ existing processes and tools, we enable them to work more efficiently. About half of JIRA Software cloud customers run on Amazon EC2 and 60% of Bitbucket users are using AWS tools, so our integrations are proven to run successfully on AWS.

With AWS handling much of the platform basics, you can focus on building proficient DevOps toolchains. Without connected systems, automated communications would be constrained to silos shaped by tools and teams. Instead, maange critical release, configuration management, and monitoring processes through the finish line with xMatters.

Welcome to Atlassian booth 2446
When you come to the Atlassian booth, you’ll find us paired with Statuspage, Atlassian’s newest tool. Through our integration with Statuspage, you can let your customers know if you’re having an issue and when you expect it to be resolved. It’s a great tool for building trust with your customers. The booth also features Splunk, Puppet, Rollbar, and Workato. We will all be demonstrating how our solutions work together.

The booth will be a great place to get a demo of how xMatters automates DevOps communications with reliability, structure, and velocity. At the same time, it’s a great way to see how much more powerful xMatters is when paired with other tools in your toolchain.

Win a Segway
We’ll be giving away two Segways at the event. The Ninebot One S1 model features a hands-free updated ride. The One S1 is not for everyone, Segway says on its website: “It’s for unique riders who are bold and love a challenge, who look to try new things, be different and turn heads.” We will have one lucky winner on Wednesday, November 30 and another on Thursday, December 1 in the afternoon.

Segway Ninebot One S1 side view

Segway Ninebot One S1 side view

Segway Ninebot One S1 front view

Segway Ninebot One S1 front view







Swing by Booth 2446 November 27-December 2!