New ServiceNow Integration Reduces Time to Resolve

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Mark Gabbard ON Mar 11, 2015

When major incidents happen in your environment it’s all hands on deck and every minute counts. While an Incident Manager drives toward service restoration and critical communications fly across the network from outside the service desk, Service Management tools like ServiceNow become the single source of record for the work being done. To maintain SLAs and minimize impact to your customers, you have to find the right groups or SMEs immediately.

Customers leveraging ServiceNow with xMatters have seen up to a 70% reduction in their Mean Time To Resolution

xMatters has worked closely with ServiceNow to offer a new integration feature, “Engage with xMatters,” to streamline your incident management process and reduce the time it takes to engage with critical resources.  This new feature allows Incident Managers to manually escalate to on-call members and groups without reassigning incident tickets and is compatible with both Eureka and Fuji releases. The message content contains comments from the Incident Manager explaining the reason for the escalation, as well as content from the incident being escalated.


A New Toolset for Major Incident Managers
With the new “Engage with xMatters” ServiceNow integration feature, Major Incident Managers can:

  • Quickly notify and add SME participants to major incident triage processes without having to look up schedules, names, and contact information – all from within a single incident
  • Invite groups and individuals to conference bridges with a few mouse clicks
  • Provide closed-loop tracking of all communication interactions within the originating ServiceNow ticket, allowing for post mortem reporting and traceability

By streamlining communication during major incidents, customers leveraging ServiceNow with xMatters have seen up to a 70% reduction in their Mean Time To Resolution.

This new integration feature with ServiceNow, along with user and group synchronization and incident alerting, gives your incident management teams the ability to take direct action on incident tickets in real time from anywhere on any device. Stakeholders receive information about the incident through multiple communication channels, allowing updates, assignments, or status changes to be done remotely. As actions are taken, xMatters updates the tickets with informational annotations to provide a full audit trail.

Additional Benefits of xMatters with ServiceNow:

  • Notify on-call members of resolver teams when critical incidents occur.
  • Engage with xMatters to manually escalate to response teams or individuals.
  • Define escalation rules to drive reduction in Mean Time to Respond.
  • Automatically annotate the original ServiceNow incident with status information.
  • Remain informed when events occur through self-service and managed subscriptions.
  • Define user-specific device timeframes and escalation rules.
  • Tailor specific message content to different device types with xMatters design tools.
  • Notify via multiple communication channels including push notifications, SMS, voice calls, and email.