IBM NetCool OMNIBus Integration

Locate and notify on-call resolvers when critical network incidents are detected. With the xMatters & NetCool integration, the right technician can take direct action on incident tickets in real time from any mobile device.

Network operational and failure information is presented to the message recipient via multiple communication channels, allowing technicians to action updates remotely. As actions are taken, xMatters updates the tickets with informational annotations to provide a full audit trail.

Key Benefits

  • Automate the communication plan for network and system management events.
  • Reduce risk of time unnoticed failures causing downtime.
  • Reduce alert fatigue by targeting the primary on-call resolver when events are detected.
  • Escalate to the secondary resolver when alerts not responded to within a predefined time period.
  • Initiate actions and update events remotely.

Screenshots & Videos