Agility Tour: Digitization, DevOps, Engagement

Sendhil Jayachandran ON Jun 15, 2017
Agility Tour: Find a city near you

Agility Tour: Find a city near you

Enterprises that have invested in digital transformation of their business processes are dominating their markets, forcing competitors to change or risk extinction. Digitization has now extended beyond an enterprise’s core product or service to include customer engagement channels, key operational processes, and even business models.

To effectively transform, enterprises are giving up their rigid, siloed processes that often operate in a vacuum. In their place, they are adopting an agile mindset, one that strives to move at high velocity without compromising on established quality standards.

Executives at large enterprises have observed agile at work, at startups and at web scale. They’re investing in initiatives tailored to drive velocity.  One of the most notable initiatives is DevOps, but it’s important to note that DevOps is a means to a greater end—releasing products and services faster.  According to Puppet’s State of DevOps Survey, top performers have 200x more frequent deployments, 24x faster failure recovery, and 3x lower change failure rates.

DevOps: a means to an end
Just about every enterprise will say that they’re doing DevOps or preparing to implement it. But how many are seeing the results they hoped for? According to a 2017 xMatters and Atlassian survey, 65% of companies are implementing DevOps.  Yet Gartner states that 50% of businesses investing in DevOps will not be delivering on expected benefits by 2018, putting them on the Darwinian road to competitive disadvantage.

To compete in this new world, enterprises have to find a way to borrow the best of what they see at top performing agile companies and apply them to their own existing processes.

xMatters & Atlassian: 2017 DevOps Maturity Survey Report

Read the DevOps survey report

So how do you incorporate best practices around agility including:

  • Individual and team autonomy
  • Accountability
  • Self-organization
  • Encouraging experimentation and acceptance of failure
  • Re-imagination of business models and fundamentals
  • Re-examining problems from first principles

And how do you apply them to large-scale, distributed workforces with other variables and dependencies? 

The Agility Tour Is Coming
That’s what the Agility Tour is about. Escape the frustrations of theory and hear actual customers sharing stories of what’s worked for them. so others don’t have to endure growing pains on their own.

Providers will be sharing their technologies and ideas to enable enterprises to work better with the tools that scale up to their needs.

Get Your DevOps Questions Answered at Agility 2017

Attend Agility 2017

We’ll have doers, managers, and executives all sharing different elements of their journey, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to engage with them instead of just hearing them talk. It will be a real opportunity to exchange ideas and help each other.

You’ll hear from leaders in their industry including Pacific Life, Intermountain Healthcare, Dealertrack, Telefonica, Splunk, Accenture, Moogsoft, and Forrester.

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